Thank you for your interest in the TRiO Student Support Services  (TRiO SSS) Program.  The SSS Program is funded by the Department of Education with the purpose of serving first generation, low income and accessibility need students.  To determine your eligibility as a SSS participant, please complete the information below.  This application cannot be saved and restarted, therefore, please gather the following to complete the application and upload document:  IRS Tax Returns (prior year tax returns for parent, self  if over 24 or file as independent) and FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR).  The parent's signature with whom you reside is required for dependent students only.  Following review of your application and required documents to verify eligibility, a TRiO SSS team member will contact you. 

Last Name:
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Transfer GPA

Parent(s) Education Level -- Have either of your parents (biological or adoptive) earned a bachelor's (4-year) degree?  If your parent(s) attended college, but did not graduate with a four year degree, select No.
Did your MOTHER graduate from college with a 4-year degree?
Did your FATHER graduate from college with a 4-year degree?
If YES to either, with which parent do you live?
Household Information -- The following link details the low income levels for TRIO Programs: (Copy and paste link in website browser to view information).
Number of people living in your household (including yourself)
What is your dependency status?
What is your family's Annual Taxable Income for the previous year? NOTE: Taxable Income can be found on tax forms 1040EZ--line 6, 1040A--line 26 or 1040--line 43.
Accessibility (Disability) Services 
Have you ever been diagnosed with any type of learning or accessibility challenge?
Have you registered with the NCCU Student Accessibility Services
Campus Affiliations
Are you involved with any programs, organizations or groups on campus?
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TRIO Program Information
Have you previously participated in any of the following TRIO Programs?
How did you learn about the TRIO SSS Program?
Why do you want to be a participant in the TRIO SSS Program?
How can TRIO SSS Program best support your academic needs? (Select all that apply)
Academic advising
Academic tutoring
Career exploration and planning
Educational Planning
Financial Aid assistance/information
Financial and economid literacy counseling/education
Graduate school assistance/preparation
Improve grades/GPA
Improve academic preparedness for college
Leadership/Life skills development
Mentoring support
Personal advising/support
Professional/personal development
Study requirements

Please indicate the level of support needed to improve your performance.  Your answers will aid our ability to you.
Academic Support
Improve writing skills
Improve reading skills
Improve math skills
Improve science skills
Communicate with instructor
Study Skills
Learn time management techniques
Learn to be a better test taker
Learn to prioritize tasks
Learn to take better notes
Learn stress management techniques
Learn to use library resources
Educational Planning
Decide on a major
Understand requirements for major
Increase GPA
Understand graduation requirements
Career Planning
Identify my strengths, abilities and interests
Identify careers that match my strengths, abilities and interests
Learn about career requirements, income and demand
Create a compelling resume
Improve interview skills